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What is the Academic Association for Organizational Science?

Soshiki gakkai, in English, the Academic Association for Organizational Science (AAOS), was founded in 1959. The Association was created to form an interdisciplinary body spanning management, economics, law, public administration, sociology, psychology, organizational behavior, engineering, and other disciplines of scholarly research on organizations. By combining insights from a variety of perspectives, including those of business practitioners, AAOS seeks to promote understanding organizations and improving them.

Members of AAOS come primarily from universities and research institutes. However, numerous men and women from business enterprises and government institutions also belong to the Association. As of September 2013, there were 2,051 regular members, 75 individual associate members and 13 group associate members. Regular members are able to make research presentations at meetings and conferences hosted by AAOS, whereas associate members are able to attend but not make presentations.

AAOS publishes quarterly an academic journal, Organizational Science, which is highly acclaimed in the social sciences. Organizational Science features articles that have been subjected to a thorough double-blind review process, as well as invited articles that are also rigorously refereed. Many management scholars view Organizational Science as a must-read scholarly journal in Japan.

Twice a year in cooperation with universities located throughout Japan, AAOS hosts large-scale research conferences, which feature keynote addresses from notable figures in business and academia. In parallel sessions, researchers, graduate students, and others make thought-provoking presentations about their current research findings and engage in lively discussion. AAOS also holds various research meetings and symposiums each year in the different regions of Japan.

AAOS highlights excellent research on organizations with the Takamiya Award. Every year, up to two articles and one book that are of particularly high quality and scholarly impact are recognized by this award.

What research is published in English by AAOS?

Until 2012, all articles in Organizational Science were written in Japanese, with accompanying English titles and abstracts. Beginning with Volume 46, issues one to four remain the same, that is, Japanese articles with accompanying English titles and abstracts; however, all articles in the fifth issue are written in English. Back issues of Organizational Science can be browsed at the following URL.

Organizational ScienceOrganizational Science(external link)

Electronics Journal edition of AAOS's refereed journal. The 5th issue of every volume is specialized on English annual report In the 1st - 4th issues provide English paper titles and abstracts.

What are Transactions?

Transactions of the Academic Association for Organizational Science is published twice a year in coordination with the two large-scale research conferences hosted by AAOS.
The first volume of Transactions was published in 2012. The articles are in Japanese, but each has an accompanying English title and abstract. Back issues of Transactions can be browsed at the following URL.

Transactions of AAOSTransactions of AAOS(external link)

Electronics Journal edition of proceedings in the academic conferences of AAOS. The paper's titles and abstracts are provided in English.